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Why D-Amala?

The uniqueness of our product starts from its zero state of chemical or preservatives that could impair taste, texture or nutritional value drastically. Our product is naturally produced retaining a significant amount of the nutritional composition of the tubers (without the peels).

Due to our unique formula and hygienic preferences, the end state of our product (Amala) will be in a fine light brown color rather than deep brown or black, making it more appealing to people especially the ones being newly introduced to eating it (the taste is still the awesome Amala taste).

Also, the mix of three choice tubers in a predetermined format gives our product a standalone place even among its peers especially in the area of its nutritional composition.

Features and Benefits:

- No chemicals or preservative. 100% natural. 
- Fortified with Vitamin A and rich in Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin (i.e Vitamin B1,B2,B3) and Iron.
- Original taste and nutrients of the 3 types of Amala in one.
- Same product cuts across all ages. Edible and great choice for babies (6 months up, best option of solid meal to first introduce), active adults and the aged.  
- Attractive color, nice taste and good rising. Gives you about twice the flour content.
- Longer lasting date ( 8 months from Production date)

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