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Is D-Amala really amala, the Nigerian food?

DPV Series: D-Amala as amala, a Nigerian Food.

Today, we are excited on D-Amala Product Value Series to put some lens on and review this amazing staple food peculiar to the Nigerian community which as a matter of fact is the brand of product we produce, only made better.
We updated some facts gotten from wikipedia with our realities and product contents, so nothing can be truer than this for our product.
Enjoy the piece.

Basic Facts about Amala as a Nigerian food.

Àmàlà is a Nigerian food made out of yam and/or cassava flour.
Yams are peeled, sliced, cleaned, dried and then blended into a flour, also called elubo. Yams are white in colour but turn brown when dried; this gives àmàlà its colour. Àmàlà is from Western Africa and eaten mostly by the Yoruba people in Nigeria. 

What We Added: 
We have considered other people outside the Yorubas to be favored too in the making of our product. With a 100% free chemical composition and very low glycemic index with strict processing protocols.
D-Amala is a recommendable and safe meal across all cultures and backgrounds.

There are three types of àmàlà: àmàlà isu, àmàlà ewura and àmàlà láfún.

= Yam flour (àmàlà isu or àmàlà ewura)
This most common type of àmàlà is derived from white yam or water yam.
Àmàlà isu or àmàlà ewura is made of dried yam or water yam respectively; this gives it a black/brownish colour when added to boiling water.
Ordinarily, this traditional method of Amala is high in carbohydrates and packs a lot of calories.

What We Added: 
Our unique brand of D-Amala product particularly addresses the high carbohydrate challenges from its starchy end as it blends these 3 types of àmàlà together as one.

Cassava flour (àmàlà láfún)
The third type is àmàlà láfún, made from cassava flour. Cassava is a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family. Cassava and yam are the most important source of food carbohydrate in Nigeria; Cassava flour when used as a dry powder makes àmàlà láfún.
What We Added: 
D-Amala is touched with a very low starched variant of cassava which is the new naturally fortified vitamin A cassava specie.

D-Amala is emerging as a great alternative to locally made amala and other Nigerian staple foods or swallow.

Truly a complete package. You should have no reason not to turn to our product for your health and delight's sake.

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Note: We picked up some excerpts here.