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Amazing Benefits of Cassava You May Not Know About Part 1

Today, we had like to share some insight into the beneficial values in cassava, being one of the component of our delicious and amazingly rich product- D-Amala brown yam flour.
To drive the message home, we have brought together information on the value of cassava through its foremost ambassador - Garri.
The most populous, accessible and fastest crash meal in Nigeria. Let's go on the ride. We linked access to even more information on all names in double quotes ("").


The Health Benefits of Garri:

1. Aids in Digestion

Garri is rich in high fibre content which helps in the digestive health. Garri can be soaked in cold water with milk to make it creamyand when consumed the fibre content in it helps to make one fuller, helps in quick digestion and sustains one from hunger for some time, and also eliminates the chances of constipation.
  • Fibre content in garri helps in weight loss as it reduces appetite and as well reduces the chances of other health conditions such as heart and other cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.
 But in as much as the fibre is good for the digestive system, taking too much of it can cause stomach cramps or bloat.
  • Cassava contains starch which is known as resistant starch because it doesn’t get absorbed fully in the digestive system, it is beneficial to the body because it helps in removing some of the particles of cholesterol present in the system after it gets attached to them thereby acting like a soluble fibre. Because of this, eating of garri helps in the reduction of glucose in the blood. 

2. Improves Immune System

The contents of most of the minerals and vitamins in garri might be low but it is also a good source for other minerals it contains such as copper and magnesium which help in keeping the immune system healthy. These minerals also play a vital role as it contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones, nerves and the immune systems.

Some people may not know that while consuming food that has good amount of copper that they are maintaining healthy and functioning nervous system and on the other hand lower the 
risk of getting "osteoporosis".

3Promote Eye health

Garri also contains the compound known as "bakarotennya", this compound helps to prevent blindness. The presence of an important vitamin (vitamin A) in garri helps in the prevention of poor sight as well, as far as it is consumed in moderation.
Most importantly the garri has to be processed well to avoid eye problems which are caused by the cyanide present in not-too-well processed garri especially and when consumed in large quantity and can also irritate the intestinal bowels leading to or worsen the case of ulcer because of its acidic nature.

 4Energizes & Cools The Body

It has been noted from researches that Garri has 360 calories of which 99% is Carbohydrate. It is actually the number of calories in food that measures the unit of energy contained in that food.
Soaked garri known as "garium sulphate" in English provides a certain amount of energy as mentioned above which the human body needs to maintain daily health and life. It also provides a good cooling effect to the body in hot weather when soaked in cold water with milk.
The nutrients in it and the combination of milk in cold water makes it creamy and chill the whole body after consumption. Garri in this form energizes the body quickly and makes the system to relax in a calm way.

5. Prevents Cancer

This might have never been heard of by many people and therefore it may seem too difficult to believe, but this is just a fact you have to note down from reading this article.
Experiments have shown that the presence of B17 vitamin "Amygdalin" and fibre in garri help to stimulate the red blood cell and prevent the stomach from cancerous diseases.

6Reduce Age-Related Illness

Studies have shown that one cup of garri contains up to 15% of folate that the body requires in a day as well as 47% of the body's calcium requirement.
Folate has an integral role to play in pregnant women in the aspect of foetal development and helps reduce the risk of age-related "macular" degeneration. That is helping to minimize age-related illnesses that progress faster in the human body and may cause the loss of sight.

7. It's Gluten-Free

Garri is a gluten-free food because it does not contain the combination of proteins found in wheat and related other grain foods.
Therefore, garri can be eaten by people with celiac disease (affects the intestine) or those who are sensitive to gluten. Foods that contain gluten irritate their guts and in most cases damage their small intestine.

Pregnant women need lots of vitamin C and folate. A cup of garri contains 15 percent of your daily folate requirement and 47 percent of the daily calcium requirement.

Nutritional values of Garri (cassava flakes)
48 g
1.1 g
80 g
40 mg
1.5 mg
0 mg
Sodium (Na)
0 mg

Sourced information across the web.


We would conclude with a look at some critical side effects. Yes, we can not deny the fact that garri and indeed cassava has these effects that we must be guided against.
So, how do we, as a company (Novel Express Tasty Foods) manage to have a great product with this cassava still in it?
Keep all the good stuff discussed in this article close, okay?
and stay connected for the part 2 where you would have your questions adequately answered.
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