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April Trip To Port Harcourt

We had a reason to be part of the PIND Linkage business workshop and it was not only a whao experience for us, our product -D-Amala was served as lunch on the 4th day which is a week old today.
You can only get the full excitement if you were there...
enjoy some images about it though posted on our instagram page starting with this direct link.

Customer Base: Where to Find our Products

This will be a dynamic post that keeps getting updated.
It is most accurate right now. If you are taking decisions based on it after a while, you are advised to check here again to be sure of the updated information if any.

Now, where to find our products...

We are presently covering Calabar, the home city of the company and planning on branching out sales outlets to other cities or states.

If you are interested in being a part of that move, see its details here.

Aside from all these outlets, know that you can buy directly from our offices too.

1. Cross River State. *Calabar

  • Supermarkets
  • ValueMart Stores @ Marian Opp. Glo Office.
  • Favorite Supermarket @ Marian beside Fiesta Fries (Atekong). 
  •  Divine Favor by Anansa Rd off MCC Rd.
  •  Calabar City Discount Mall (Valuemart) @ 74a, Marian Rd (Opp Glo Office).
  • Shops
  • St Jude Stores. Etim Edem Park (Wholesalers side), Watt market.
  •  Becco Stores. Etim Edem Park  (Wholesalers side), Watt market.
  •  Mrs Chibuzor. Shop 3/4, Long line, Watt market.
  •  Mama Tunde. Shop 16, London line, Watt market.
  •  Mr Moses by Watt Market overhead bridge. (Mobile shop on the walkway). 
  •  Mrs Nkoli. Shop 5, Etim Edem park, Watt market. 
  •  Ms Godstime. B/Ext 33, Malabor in Marian Market. 
  •  Mrs Happiness. B/Ext 34, Malabor in Marian Market. 
  • K.C Stores. Shop 181, B line, Marian Market.
  • Fastfoods
  • De Choice Calabar Rd by PHCN Office by Mary Slessor Rd
  •  De Choice Phase 1 by MCC  Rd Opp Divine Favor Supermarket.
  •  Apples Fastfoods by Etisalat office, Marian 
  •  Ms Eunice. Inside National Population Commission opp Naval Hospital, Stadium. 
  • Mama Ogbomosho. Garden street by vitafoam painted wall just after Mobil station. Watt Market. 
  • Mrs Ruth. Jagarawa Park by EPZ gate. Highway. 
  • Make E Land Delivery Services (MELDS).
         Online shop to buy, pickup closest to you or have it delivered to your homes. For Calabar city ONLY for now. Visit to see and shop.

2. Lagos State. *Ikotun Egbe
  • Branch Office
  • 13A, Ibadan Line. Irepodun Market, Ikotun Egbe. Lagos State. 

You want to go get the products with one of the list above but can't place the landmark or need more detailed description? You can call this number 08099916131 for help.

Benefits of Water Yam

DPV Series: Water Yam

D-Amala Product Value Series will today celebrate the place of water yam as one of the raw material in our product.
No wonder, we can brag a lot about our D-Amala product quality!
Water yam, though a less sort, like its colleagues.. yams, potatoes etc, it is very much nutritious and you should consider eating alone and sometimes from our product.
Chiamaka Okoh through Buzz Nigeria as done justice to the values in the tuber and we feel honored to be able to share with you. It is worth your time! Enjoy!
For the full article, visit here.

Medicinal Benefits of Water Yam.

Water yam is said to originate from South-East Asia in Burma, from where it spreads to other parts of the world.
It was first introduced to West African countries by the Portuguese and Spanish in the 16th century. Today, water yam is the most widely distributed of all the yams, being grown in all parts of the tropics.
Although it is different from most other tubers because it is mucilaginous and not so popular for cooking, it is still consumered by many  who knows both its nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Medicinally, it had been consumed for over 2000 years and proven to support the treatment of different systemic diseases including hypertension, a condition that may lead to stroke, heart failure and heart palpitation.

Some other benefits of water yam are:
  • Lowers effect on blood cholesterol levels. 
  • Decreases blood pressure levels. 
  • Improves digestive health. 
  • Helps with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Good source of female hormone, progesterone.
  • Helps slow down the effects of aging and boost immune system.
  • Can be eaten through many ways; boiled, mashed, fried, steamed etc such as ojojo, ikokore etc in western Nigeria and D-Amala nationwide!
  • and so much more.