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Best soups to eat D-Amala with.

DPV Series: Best Soups to eat D-Amala with.

BEST SOUPS to enjoy your Amala with using our D-Amala Brown Yam Flour.

Hello! Merry Christmas in advance!
As the season gets chiller, we feel like wetting your tongue and imagination with a need to eat our product as soonest as you can lay your hands on one.

  Simple and plain to gorgeous and fully garnished, whatever you afford.

If you try it with a special delicacy of yours and it didn't go well, trust us, it  
just means you need to search for what works for you because, we have
come to discover one soup doesn't work for everyone.

But to help you jump-start, we share a few of the common soups the core
eaters (Yorubas) tend to use. Enjoy!

Àmàlà can be eaten with various soups:

Egusi soup: soup made of thickened melon seeds and leaf vegetables.

Ewedu soup: made from cooked and grated Corchorus leaves with or without a small quantity of egusi and/or locust beans.

Okro soup: made from okra

Efo riro: made from vegetables and a mixture of meat, fish, etc.
Ogbono soup: made from ground ogbono seeds and a mixture of stock fish and locust beans added as garnish
Gbegiri soup, made from dried beans
And so much more...

Do you have other soup ideas for people to try? Please share in the comments. Thanks!