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Stage1 Questions - Sales Rep's Position

Please answer the following truthfully and in few words, where applicable in the mail that you would attach your CV to.
Make your subject: Application As Sales Rep.

(1a). Have you done any sales or marketing work before?
(1b). If yes, tell us where, when and exactly your duties there (ignore if you said no above).

(2). If selected, how soon can you start work? (a) few days (b) a week (c) two weeks (d) a month. (Please, pick only ONE from these options only).

(3). What is your driving force? (a) Work (b) Money (c) Type of Employer (d) Type of work environment/company. (Please, pick only ONE from these options only).

(4). If you were to become our staff, what would be the two best things you would give to us that would improve our company.

(5). Mention 3 work conditions that are most important to you. (You must mention 3 with the first as most important and the third as least important).

Send your mail to contactnextfoods@gmail.com