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A Great start for a Great Year.

Happy New Year World!

Lots of enthusiasm is out there and we like to encourage and run with such vibes.

As we plan and hope to execute different goals for this year, we are happy to start with a support system for a rather commendable venture we are privileged to know of, starting up in our very city of Calabar.

BusyBissy Animation Studios is a dream we would love to support because there are not much of such ventures in the country not to talk of our region, so when we see people come up with such effrontery against all odds,, we had like to support within our capacities and bid others who can do better than us to reach out to them too.

What We Did.

We decided to support every artist that signs up with their training and recruitment program within the first week of launch with a 10% rebate from their training fees so that this dream can be birth.

Yes! For as many as will register with them.

Visit their recruitment site here and follow up.

If we receive your entry from them in the first week, you are guaranteed a 10% off instantly no matter the amount.